2016 Journey: Spiral Light

This chakra by chakra journey will  begin in the New Year and culminate with the Summer Solstice–for a sixth-month sangha–spiraling the voice through the chakras.

Each chakra journey will be offered in a two+ week cycle:

First week: Exploring the chakra
Second week+: Participant writing, followed by reader responses
(writing optional, but encouraged; response to others offerings requested: up to 3 responses per chakra)

January: 1st Chakra
February: 2cnd Chakra
March: 3rd Chakra, 4th Chakra
April: 5th Chakra
May: 6th Chakra
June: 7th Chakra

As space allows: Individual Chakra Journey: $21.21
Reserved: Full 7 Chakra Journey (January through June): $121.21

Limited to 21 participants per chakra in order to cultivate intimacy and diverisity.

Each chakra journey will take place in a private Facebook group; participation is at the journeyer’s convenience.


Share your offering here:

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