SpRiNg Chakra Journey

Cleanse and renew this SpRiNg on a 7-step journey through the chakras.
Each “gathering” (your time/place) will highlight another chakra–with a meditation/writing prompt and a playlist–to move you–inside and out.

Connections to each chakra meditation will be invited (but not expected) on the password protected pages of this site; while personal journaling, offsite, will be shaped by each chakra’s meditation prompt.

The addition of the targeted chakra playlists will help energize the cleansing and renewal of each chakra.

Rate:  $77.77
Click here to enroll now.
(= 11.11 a chakra)

The online feature will be available for rolling admission (through early June) and will be open for your return, again and again–in your own time and place–through the Summer Solstice, June 21st.

Bonus #1: Enroll with a friend & save!

Bonus #2: Road trip to the Green Mountains of VT?
Come to any in-person Dancing through the Chakras women’s circle in June.
OR if you can’t make a local gathering (or prefer the online one), I’ll send you the entire playlist for the Summer Solstice gathering so that you can benefit from moving through the entire chakra system, inside & out.

Contact me for more information.


(note: for those who have participated in online chakra writing journeys; this will hold the same depth of intention/presence but will be much “lighter” on response & connection; which should nicely align with the releasing of SpRinG!)


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