SpRiNg Welcome!

Gathering… Delphiniums, Poppies and Pine

April 30, 2017
Dear Spring Journeyers,

Happy May Eve!

I’m always put at ease when I open a new journey with the companionship of the moon or a seasonal turning point of the year. This SpRiNg ReNEWal journey is accompanied by the earthy, sensual Taurus New Moon and fertile threshold of Beltane/May Day. Know that these companions infuse our journey, inside and out.

Welcome to those of you who are journeying throughout spring on this site, and to those of you who are dancing locally, and joining us here whenever you miss a dancing through the chakras gathering.

The online journey will accompany/follow the local gathering (see schedule below) which will help magnify the intention and energy of women gathering. The first chakra offering will be posted on May Day, May 1st, 2017 and you’ll receive your password via email. Once posted, online journeyers will be able to return to any chakra offering throughout SpRiNg.

Welcome to the potent flow of women journeying together,




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