Summer Invitation



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Join us for a summer journey through the chakras–one a week–inviting response & connection–at your convenience–online–on the password protected pages of this website.

You’ll be surprised at the way your voice organically emerges from the fertile soil of the the body’s energy centers particularly at this potent time of year.

We’ll begin at the turning point of summer (first week of August)–in the 1st chakra (roots/safety) and spiral our way through the body, culminating 7 weeks later–in the 7th chakra (crown/guidance)–at the Autumnal Equinox.

Particular attention will be given to the medicine of summer–strength, vitality, focus, will and especially–non-violence.

Expect vibrant results, including the kindling connection of other women sharing the journey, a journey which is always uniquely formed and fed by the amazing women who choose to gather in any given season.

No skill or experience is required to share this journey, only a willingness to see and be seen–with kindness.

Those with a writing practice will find greater depths. Those without will discover the beauty of their voice.

Those unfamiliar with the chakras will be soothed and moved; those familiar will find even more intimacy.

Those accustomed to women’s circles will be surprised at the depth of connection and intimacy an online circle can provide; while those who are new to women’s circles will be blessed by how meaningful & momentous the experience is.

Spontaneity, confidentially and honoring are our guiding principles.

Welcome back previous journeyers! Welcome to our circle newcomers! We’re so glad you came!!

Rate: $123.45
Paypal link.

**Newcomers: Join with a friend and save 10%–each.

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Click here for more about me as your guide.

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One thought on “Summer Invitation

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