Seeding a new beginning…

September 2018
Dear Last Winter Writers, Writers past, & Writers future,

We wrote last winter into spring, and like a dandelion gone to seed, the potency of those voices moved through me, and with a gust, spread dreams into the sky.

So satiating was that experience that my original intention to write from spring into summer, and then from summer into fall, lay fallow; and I began to wonder if I would ever write though the chakras again.

Just this morning, with the light and the air shifting across the landscape, I felt a stirring.

The Harvest Moon arrives at the end of this month, and wouldn’t it be ripe to gather some of the same voices to share the gleanings of the past two seasons, and to gather with new voices, walking toward winter together, releasing what is longer needed?

This is a journey that would span three seasons, delivering us to spring once again.
(It’s been some time since an expanded journey like this came through.)

Such a journey, would begin firmly at the root, in the first chakra, with the ancestors, hearth & home.

Journeyers would write and respond in their own place and time, lending what comes to the shared spiral path.

Individual intentions and present containers (gifts and challenges) will infuse the alchemy that organically weaves and shapes the souls journey in communion with one another as witnesses, mirrors, allies, watering cans.

The New Moon will seed the invitation.
The Full Moon will reflect it back.
Or vice versa.

A snail mail aspect would accompany the traditional online aspect of the journey.

There now, I’ve dug deep and planted a seed.
I’ve long wanted to slow things down and bring them back to paper.
I’ll see what comes.
I’m paying attention to the signs. Inside & out.

Your watering can is most welcome whether or not you feel inclined to write through the upcoming seasons and whether or not you’ve written with me before or in some time.

Insights? Reflections? Observations?

Or just a “Hello, there,” is invited too…
Your echo enriches the path.

With gratitude

Stay tuned!

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