Kava-No Voo Doo

I had to extract myself for more than an hour’s drive to spend another hour trapped on a table, like Jonathan Swift & those Lilliputians, and WHY! would I schedule an appointment on the afternoon of the HEARING, only it hadn’t been set when I scheduled, and wasn’t the hearing already aggravating the condition that necessitated needles up my BELLY–like some kind of Kava-NO voodoo, or better yet, WOMYN’S MAGIC to fortify the 2nd & 3rd chakras of the BODY feminine, and also the 1st & 4th because wasn’t there a needle on my wrist & my ankle as well as just below the clavicle (I almost forgot that one)–the 5th!–offering up my aging FLESH (even here. especially here.) as the PATRIARCHY gasps with its dying breaths.

1st Chakra: EARTH. Ancestors.
2nd: WATER. Flow. Relations.
4th: AIR. HEART. Satisfaction.

May it be so.

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