This opportunity came along at the perfect time… when my heart so desperately needed mending.

Would I trust my voice? Would I have the courage to silent all others and be present to what my own heart is speaking?

I write all the time for work. But I write for others. I write in their voice. I find out what they want to say and say it for them. I want to write in my voice, and to express what I want to say in my voice.

I’ve learned so much from this woven fabric of feminine voices.

Tears came to my eyes as I heard each of you “hear” me.

I am so struck by the beauty of each voice, the depth of each story…

This circle has also made me realise anew how much disparate women with our own individual lives and experiences really share — how common is our bond despite where we live and how.

I think it’s the first time I’ve felt truly “heard” by a community… and ironic that it is a community of strangers… and how connected I feel to all of them.

…Grateful to remember that the basic elements of what happens to me are present in what happens to us all.

This circle has been a women’s womb…
I appreciate the safe circle that has helped me to blossom and find confidence in my writing.

It’s like some magic wand was waved over me through this protected circle and my true voice came out. 

I am most grateful for each of you, for creating the space and the love and the safety which allowed me to release that which I’ve never been able to release until now.

The experience of Tribe among women who started as strangers, who have still never met together in a physical sense, but who have shared the most secret, tender places with each other–our ability to do that in this world is the greatest gratitude of all.

I’ve learned more than I could have imagined, from the process of responding through the Chakras and from each of you and your willingness to share your stories.

 I want more… I want to write more and hear your wisdom words.

I could take one line from each of my writings and start a new exploration.

I am sitting here with a glass of wine. Right in the middle of the afternoon. All alone and not caring what anyone thinks. I am reflecting once again on this incredible journey and what it has taught me. I am worthy of friendship, of love, of understanding.
It was very challenging… to write from such a emotional place. Yet, every week I returned to that deep well of emotion – and the reward was unexpected and beautiful.

I am in awe…

My shoulders loosened up, I slept well and dreamed, and my fingers started itching again to hold a pen.

… wonderfully satisfying for the soul
You created a space where I had voice.

You have created space where all of our writings, together, became a big, unwieldy map of respectful connection. (And, it was fun!)

I trust you, implicitly.

Thank you for issuing the call that brought us all together. You have a gift for this work. You have held well our various hungers and losses, our deep questionings and celebrations, and you have generously contributed your own.

Your personal input seemed to always be the catalyst for others to follow.

You always seem to zero in on the important. What a wonderful mentor.

This was better than I could have ever imagined it. I thank you for your creativity in designing this writing process of excavation and discovery.

Thank you for being our guide and companion on this journey of heart and awareness. I have so enjoyed the process, and the view.
You create such a warm, safe, welcoming space where I feel okay to lean into discomfort…

For years I’ve held onto thoughts and memories that I believed to be of some value… Thank you for weaving a very organic tapestry of energy that opened my eyes to value, and to me.

Thank you Kelly, for always being someone who ushers the way, the deep, real, supple way. You really are a gem reflecting all the colors of the chakras.

I always feel so safe and supported in Kelly’s sacred circles. And I crave more! (hint)

These on-line writing journeys merge Kelly’s knowledge of yoga, chakras, and the act of creating and “community-cating” through written word.

Contact Kelly for information about the next journey or to host a chakra retreat near you:

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