NYC through the Chakras!

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a slowed journey through the chakras

Everything that slows us down and forces patience,
everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature,
an instrument of grace.

May Sarton

October 2018
Dear Journeyers,

The next journey is set to begin with the New Moon in early November.
Those who have written with me before will experience a journey that is both familiar and brand new.
Those who have never journeyed before will help shape this new s–l–o–w–e–d journey with snail mail instead of exclusively online.

Over the course of 7 months, we will write through each chakra, one for each month. The New Moon will bring the prompt (posted on a private site online.) The Full Moon will invite the response (hand-written and sent in the mail.)

You need not have any writing (or chakra) experience to participate and participation flexes from month to month–ie. you decide when and where and how much time to devote within the framework of the moon cycles that guide the journey.

The form of the writing is up to you each month too… Stream of consciousness, raw, polished, poetry, dreams, stories—all welcome. What comes is shaped by the unfolding permission to be with what is and to welcome it in a safe and supportive circle of women journeying together through the chakras. (Spelling & punctuation errors welcome too.)

At the threshold of a new season, I invite you, like a needle and thread, on a journey through the dark cloak of the deepening nights, as we walk toward winter and out again, up from the earth with tender shoots of new beginnings.

Yours in cultivating sacred space to nourish women’s spirits,





The first writing prompt (in the 1st Chakra) will be posted on a private site with the New Moon of November, just after Mid-Terms.

The last writing prompt (in the 7th Chakra) will be posted with Beltane, in early May.

Each month your writing will be read by approximately three other journeyers and you will offer the same. Connections will be shared in the Spirit of the Witness without critique or suggestions so that we can each deepen into our own voice while weaving our voices together on a journey, slowed, through the season, and sent via mail.



Contact Kelly about space on a Wait List

Installment plan:

Deposit to reserve your space:  $135.79
New Years Balance: $123.45



Pay in full: $222.22



Take a look at the frequently asked questions  or feel free to post any questions in the comment section below (for the benefit of others); or send a private message to Kelly: Click here)

About Facilitator Kelly Salasin…

Kelly is a lifelong educator who holds a Bachelors of Science in Education and is a certified Yoga and Let Your Yoga Dance instructor, as well as a longtime crafter of classes, retreats, workshops, events and journeys–locally, regionally, internationally and online. Additionally, she regularly assists leading presenters/programs at Kripalu Yoga and Health Center including:

Jean Shinoda Bolen, Artemis, Women’s Circles & the Sacred Feminine.
Joan Borysenko
, Writing Down the Light, Reigniting the Flame.
Tara Brach, Loving Presence: Inhabiting and Expressing your True Nature.
Megha Nancy Buttenheim, Yoga and Meditation.
Julia Cameron, Creative Myths and Monsters, a workshop on the Artist’s Way.
Karen Drucker, A Women’s Spiritual Retreat, Learning How to Love Ourselves.
Tama Kieves, Unleash Your Calling, Creating the Work & Life You Love.
Dani Shapiro, The Stories We Carry, Meditation & Writing.
Robert Thurman, Living the Evolutionary Life: Through Death and Beyond.

Kelly began her study of the chakras in 1990 and deepened into a moving practice in 2007 with Megha Nancy Buttenheim at the Kripalu Yoga and Health Center where Kelly earned her Let Your Yoga Dance LYYD instructor certification (a chakra-based music & movement modality) and later returned to assist teacher trainings and mentor new instructors. In 2015, Kelly delved deeper into the technology of the chakras with renown author/educator Anodea Judith. Kelly has been leading chakra experiences for over a decade, and has led writing through the chakra journeys since 2013.

Each year, Kelly represents an NGO at the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations, gathering with women and men from around the world to amplify women’s voices.

More from previous journeyers on the experience of working through the chakras with Kelly.