The Spirit of the Witness

The 7 Chakra Journey is designed to create a safe container for finding, cultivating and nourishing the inner voice.

Odilon Redon, Le Silence
Odilon Redon, Le Silence

In this spirit we give each participant space to hear her own voice–without the interruption or distraction of critique, suggestion or advice. (We are even careful with encouragement.)

Paradoxically, a large part of this journey is finding ourselves in the reflection of others…in the mirroring of truths, fears, hopes, desires, scarcities…

Thus we do endeavor to connect with each others voice–in the form of comments–but with a gentle touch…  gentle reflection and appreciation, and most importantly:  bearing witness.

In this way, our individual voices are coaxed into opening–effortlessly creating a tapestry of combined hearts, minds and souls.

Confidentiality is at the core of this gift.


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