The Spirit of the Witness

The 7 Chakra Journey is designed to create a safe container for finding, cultivating and nourishing voice.

Odilon Redon, Le Silence
Odilon Redon, Le Silence

In this spirit we give each participant space to hear her own voice–without the interruption or distraction of critique, suggestion or advice. (We are even careful with encouragement.)

Paradoxically, a large part of this journey is finding ourselves in the reflection of others…in their truths, fears, hopes, desires, scarcities…

Thus we do connect with each others work, in the form of comments, but in the spirit of gentle reflection and appreciation, and most importantly: in bearing witness.

In this way, our individual voices are coaxed into opening, effortlessly creating a tapestry of combined hearts, minds and souls.

7 thoughts on “The Spirit of the Witness

  1. Hi Kelly, Thank you for your observation that our questions will shape our journey. In that spirit, I will ask this: I found that I was certainly resonating with others’ stories, but it felt wrong, somehow, to insert too much of my voice and my experience to others’ response to others’ deeply felt, carefully crafted, words. I am trusting that if someones’ responses are way off the mark, you’d let us know in a helpful, general way? Hope you had a great writing retreat. Welcome back to the week!!


  2. Pat, thank you for the opportunity to expand and deepen the conversation.

    Certainly, there are many different ways to facilitate responding to writing, each valuable in its own way.

    For me, this particular journey, Nourishing the Voice, has its focus on the speaker, and what she has to offer, and perhaps how she offers it.

    The Spirit of the Witness ethos comes from 20+ years participating in and facilitating Al-Anon groups, Council and sharing circles.

    Connecting our voice to others is part of the journey; and yet, we do so “lightly,” so that first and foremost each woman hears her own truth, and seeks to cultivate that, rather than praise or acceptance or other forms of outward-focus; while at the same time having her voice nurtured and encouraged–by witness.

    Seems like that first round went well in this respect, knowing that each of us, including me, is engaged in the practice and exploration and discovery of voice, even in the comments and the questions.


  3. This way of sharing reminds me of this quote: Seek to be seen rather than validated. I like it when I feel that the readers “get” what I am trying to convey and understand some essence piece of me that may not have been visible before.


    • I like that.
      Particularly when someone writes about loss.
      Reminds me of a quote that I just saw around witness:
      “… Not so much to fix what’s broken, but to get what’s broken blessed.”


  4. I think it is so important to respond to each other to give validation to our the journey of our lives as they unwind before us. As Kelly said, nurture one another. I am so powered by reading these beautiful expressions of soul.


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